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L5 National Holidays

The following dates are recognized as L5 National Holidays:

April 12
Yuri's Day - First human space flight [orbital] (Yuri Gagarin, Vostok 1, 1961)
also, NASA's first Space Shuttle flight [orbital] (Columbia, 1981)

Yuri's Night, World Space Party.
July 20
Moon Day - First human landing on the Moon (Apollo 11, 1969)
also, First Mars soft landing and close-up pictures (Viking 1, 1976)
October 4
Sputnik Day - First satellite launched to orbit (Sputnik 1, 1957)
also, first rapid-turnaround private human flight to space [suborbital] (Mojave Aerospace SpaceshipOne, Ansari X Prize, 2004)

Citizens are strongly encouraged to enjoy rest and relaxation on the holidays, and to engage in relevant activities appropriate for rememberance of the events that occurred on these dates.

These are our holidays! Bring them to life!

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