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The L5 Nation is an off-world political, social and economic entity whose populace is living in exile on Earth pending [re]construction of its homeland at the Earth-Moon L5 point.

Citizens of The L5 Nation believe in and live by principles of individual sovereignty and responsibility, mutual respect, objectivism and personal freedom within a framework of technical meritocracy. This gives us the right to do as we please as long as we maintain our responsibilites and do not intrude on the rights of others, free from subjective constraints.

L5Nation.com focuses on government within, citizens of, and international relations with The L5 Nation.

This site is the sole authorized source for obtaining L5 Nation passports and other official documents. It is the main contact point and official channel for international relations with The L5 Nation, and the primary agent for securing international recognition of the Nation and the sovereign status of its citizens.

For information regarding population, infrastructure and community, and the colonization effort, please visit the L5 Colony Web site.

Prior to actual construction and habitation of the L5 space colonies, this site will initially be focused on securing international recognition for The L5 Nation. Operating as a government in exile, The L5 Nation will need to obtain diplomatic immunity for its citizens to protect their rights in order to be truly effective.

The efforts undertaken through this site will be the primary source of our national identity, building over time as more and more of Earth's governments come to recognize our own independence. This will not be a trivial task, as the long history of humanity's development attests, but it is an effort that will be worth all of the work when its goals are achieved.

Some information has recently been imported from the L5 Development Group's Colonial Government pages. There may be errors or artifacts in that content needing to be corrected. If you notice any such defects, please notify us so the problem can be corrected.

Construction of this web site into a useful resource is a relatively finite effort. The larger effort of changing The L5 Nation from an interesting idea into a real, living entity is a lot more work, a process without a real end point. The campaign of "simply" getting established Earth governments to recognize The L5 Nation as an independent entity will probably take many years at a cost that cannot really be predicted. Establishing embassies and securing other necessary extraterritorial properties will likely cost tens, or even hundreds, of millions of dollars. Building secure facilities to produce passports and other official documents that cannot be readily counterfeited will easily cost millions of dollars (probably tens of millions) and take several years. In the end, the cost of establishing the government of the L5 colonies will likely come to match a significant percentage of the hardware costs of building the physical colonies themselves. If you would like to help support this effort, you can use the buttons on the Space Power Now investment page to make a contribution that will be converted into bonds once the necessary business structures are in place.

For a list of holidays we celebrate, please visit the Holidays page.

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